Senior Counseling Services in Bend, Oregon

Mental health always matters, no matter your age

Whether you are experiencing grief and loss, wrestling with the physical changes that occur with aging, or struggling with purpose and meaning, we lend a gentle and therapeutic hand to help guide you through this stage of life. 

Research shows that older people have better outcomes when seeking therapy to address their challenges. Let us connect to assure you that you are greater than these challenges.

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“Their passion and compassion in helping seniors improve the quality of their life is incomparable.”
Donna Moskat Garner
Donna Moskat Gartner
two women sitting on a bed talking to each other

Support with anxiety

With aging comes the uncertainty of the unknown. We can help counsel you through any concerns, fears, or reluctance about your life transitions from a place of genuine concern.

Navigating depression

Depression and depressive symptoms are a normal part of life, no matter your age. Our trained professionals have the experience and ability to help you navigate these thoughts and feelings, and help you grow through it. 

Behavioral concerns

As we age, our cognitive faculties tend to loosen and slip. Behavioral problems can be expressed in a variety of ways, but we can help you and your loved ones contextualize the problem and find a solution.

Family concerns

It is always important to navigate family troubles early before things get too hard. No matter the reason for any family-related struggles, we can help everyone navigate them together for the most positive outcomes.