Senior Housing Assistance in Bend, Oregon

Find safe and reliable housing for your elders

Housing can be a challenge to find, but Bend Senior Care Management is proud to offer an array of unique and specialized options for helping you and your loved ones find a solution.

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“Their passion and compassion in helping seniors improve the quality of their life is incomparable.”
Donna Moskat Garner
Donna Moskat Gartner
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Making the transition easier

For aging seniors that are no longer supported in their current living environment or simply need a housing solution that offers more, we will assist in finding their new home. 

With our guidance, we will make certain that the next move will be to a place your loved one can safely call home.

Assess needs, wants, and budget

Each of our clients looking for senior housing has a different financial situation and require different types of care and assistance. 

Work closely with our trained and compassionate staff to develop a care plan custom-built to meet your needs.

Provide multiple options

There are many different types of senior housing options throughout Bend and Central Oregon, so let us help take on the burden of narrowing down your best choices.

Arrange for the logistics of the move

Nobody likes moving as it can be a challenge to navigate cost, reliability, and timing. We’ll work to coordinate the details with trusted partners in the community.

Monitor the care provided in the new environment

Depending on your care plan, we can be involved as little or as much as you need to ensure you’re getting the right type and amount of care and attention in your new senior living space.